Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ears of Steel Author Receives Humanitarian Award

Have you met Bart Scott, Author of the awesome Disney travel guide book, Ears of Steel: The Real Man's Guide to Walt Disney World? If you haven't, let me introduce you...

Everyone this is Bart 

Isn't he cute??

Well, anywayyyy...Bart recently announced that he is giving the proceeds from his upcoming book sales to charity. Let me clarify.  This is a hardworking father of three young children who could use the money for his own household but has decided to hand the money over to a local shelter that helps homeless children. For more details about the why, where, and hows, CLICK HERE FOR BART'S BLOG  or CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO BART EXPLAIN THINGS ON HIS PODCAST.

So, because of his display of selflessness, generosity towards his fellow man, and setting such a wonderful example for not only his children but the rest of us who could certainly do more to help others, I hereby bequeath upon Bart the first ever Blu Carson Humanitarian Award for Awesomeness. (It's totally legit. Your gold star sticker is in the mail.)

To be a part of the awesome, go buy Bart's book so he can take your money to the shelter. YES YOU! GO BE A GOOD HUMAN AND BUY THE BOOK! Plus, you get a great book. I own it. It's funny and has good Disney tips. You will also get my personal THANK YOU!


You can also catch Bart on the internationally famous Drunk on Disney Podcast with co-hosts Guy Hutchinson and Dana Snyder!

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