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    From one of my many trips to Disney, I have had a few adventures, I will choose one of my more adventurous ones. It happened one hot and humid afternoon in Hollywood Studio's. Me and my date I had just met decided to get fast passes for Rock "n" Roller Coaster. As we were in line we could barely restrain our hands from exploring one anothers personal space. as we slowly got closer and closer to the ride we made sure t position ourselves to the end cart on the ride. I had an idea as to how to make her experience on the ride something she would never forget. She was wearing very short cut off daisy dukes. As we took our seats and slowly pulled the bars down over us we looked at each other and i placed my hand on her leg and slowly teased inwards of her thigh. As we watched the count commence i braced myself and got ready to move into action. I as blasted off into the flashing lights and into the first loop my hands quickly found their way in between her legs and into her panties, and with her shorts being cut off so close to her underwear line, it enabled me to keep my hand in place by wedging my hand in between her underwear and her wet, hot lips. I moved my fingers up and down rubbing her, as I heard her moan as we took those sharp banks, harder i heard her say as we seemed to go faster and faster. I plunged my fingers into her opening and tried my best to please her the best I could, and i felt her pull her thighs close around my hands, gripping my hand very tight. I watched as she gripped the bars and pushed her head back into the head rest as I moved my fingers faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder. As we neared the final bank, I heard her say, Ok, ok, I'm good while looking over at me smiling the biggest smile I've ever seen on a women's face before. as the ride ended and we slowly got out from our seats she quickly grabbed my hand pulled me near and whispered in my ear, can we head back to the resort room now, I have something for you. During that visit, the two of us had a few more adventures in the parks but that afternoon was the most memorable

  2. Submitted privately from a Reader (Part 1)
    Pet's First Session

    Pet is nervous, but excited. She is meeting her Master for the first time face to face. She approaches the door, swallows and knocks. Footsteps approach, the door opens and he greets her with a smile- "Come in Pet", he says, stepping aside for her to enter . He closes the door behind her, the lock a loud click- sending a thrill through her body. He turns, and drawing her to him, kisses her deeply, his hands squeezing her ass. Pet becomes instantly weak from desire- his kiss penetrating her soul. Stepping back he says "It is good to finally hold you, Pet. You are beautiful." "Thank you Master", she manages to say. "Come Pet, sit and talk with me" he says, motioning her to a couch. They sit, close. Kissing again. "you know you are mine pet, you will obey all my commands." She nods, unable to speak. "Good" he says standing up "Follow me- I'll show you the playroom. Pet follows her Master, her nipples erect, her wetness running on her thighs. He unlocks a door at the end of the hall, stepping through. Pet follows him. Looking around, she gasps at what she sees. The room is like something from a medieval castle. Plush chairs, tables with straps, padded horses, racks of floggers, whips, and crops. Another table holds an assortment of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs of all sizes. Taking her hand, Master leads Pet to a plush area near the middle of the room. Sitting in a soft armchair, He beckons for her to sit on a large pillow at his feet. Pet settles there, leaning against his legs- looking up at him. "You have been a good Sub, Pet" he says, stroking her hair. "That has been on Twitter. Now, we are together. Are you ready for the next step? Ready to truly be mine?". Pet shudders, a rush of emotion pours over her- fear, excitement and pure lust. She feels her pussy clench, juices running from it. "Yes Master" she whispers, "I am yours" "Wonderful Pet, let's celebrate!"

  3. Submitted privately from a Reader (Part 2)
    Pet's First Session

    Chapter 2 "Stand Pet" Master tells her, pointing to the floor in front of him. Pet stands, her legs shaking from excitement, moving to face Master. "Strip!" he says, his voice stern but low. Pet shivers at the command but obeys. She unbuttons her blouse, slides it off. Unhooking her bra, she lets it slip forward, baring her heavy breasts, her nipples hard, aching. Unsnapping her jeans, she shimmies them over her hips, drops them to the floor and kicks them aside. Pet feels Master's eyes on her, conscious of the wetness showing through her silk panties. She slides them down, shivering as they pull away from her pussy. She straightens up, facing Master, her eyes down. "Turn around Pet" Master says evenly, watching her move. "You are more beautiful than your pictures show. Now, Kneel Pet- facing me, forehead on the floor, arms stretched forward, palms down- ass up" Pet does as Master orders, giving in to him completely. Feeling totally exposed, she waits, barely breathing. Pet waits, kneeling head down, ass up for Master's next order. After what seems like forever, he stands up and walks behind her. Enjoying the view of her upturned ass, her pussy glistening with wetness, he strokes her thigh lightly. Pet jumps as if shocked, his touch burning to her core, a moan escaping her lips. "My my Pet- you are wet. Our training is paying off." Master chuckles as he lightly traces Pets pussy with his fingertip. She jumps again. "No-No Pet, stay still" he warns her. "Remember your control. Don't make me punish you already!" He continues teasing her pussy driving her Higher and higher. "Remember Pet- no cumming without my permission" Master warns her. Pet moans, his touch is driving her crazy- every nerve alive. He teases her pussy, rubbing her slippery lips, circling her opening, carefully avoiding her clit. "Please Master, please let me cum, oh god, please" He chuckles "Oh no Pet, we're just starting. Remember your edging? That was to prepare you for now."

  4. Submitted privately from a Reader (Part 3)

    Pet's First Session

    Chapter 3
    "Stand Pet" Master orders. Pet struggles to arise, her body weak with lust, shaking, her knees sore from kneeling. Taking her hand, Master leads her to a bed in the corner. "Before we start Pet, I have something for you. It is a sign of your ownership by me, your voluntary submission to me and a promise of my protection of you". Master picks up a leather collar about 1 inch wide, shiny black with a Sapphire stone in the middle, a small medallion with a strange symbol on it hanging just below. "When you wear this collar, you are completely under my control. You will obey every command, you will speak only when told to and you will not look in my eyes unless told to. Do you understand Pet?" Pet can hardly breathe, her body tight with emotion. "Yes MaMaster" she stutters. "Do you accept this collar and all it means?" Squeezing back tears, Pet says "Yes Master, oh God Yes!" Master places the collar around Pets neck, the Sapphire and pendant in front, fastening the buckle in back, attaching the tiny lock to secure it. Leading her to a mirror, Master orders Pet to look at herself. "Oh Master, it is beautiful!" Pet sobs, tears running down her cheeks. Turning her to him, Master pulls her close, kisses her deeply and whispers "You're welcome Pet" Master takes her hand and leads her back to the bed. This time, pet notices the cuffs and straps at the corners and hanging from the ceiling. "Lay face down Pet" master orders. Pet obeys. "This is something we couldn't do on the net Pet" Master tells her as he buckles padded cuffs on her wrists and ankles. He stretches one arm toward the corner of the bed and clips the cuff there, repeating with the other. "Move your knees up Pet- ass up- kneel" Master orders. Pet struggles to obey, finally managing. Master attaches a belt to each of Pets thighs, above the knee. He then clips a strap to each belt, the other ends of the straps to the side of the bed. Adjusting them tight, he forces Pet's legs as wide apart as possible. Pet moans from the pressure and the feel of exposure , her pussy and ass stretched wide open. Finishing up, Master attaches straps to each ankle cuff, pulls them tight to the corners of the bed. Pet realizes she is helpless, she can't close her legs or lay down. "Comfortable Pet?" Master chuckles, giving her clit a quick pinch- causing a loud moan to escape her lips as raw pleasure ripped through her. Pet hears Master walk to one of the tables, gather some things and return. He comes to the side, a riding crop in his hand. Holding it so she can see, he says "Do you know what this is Pet?" Pets eyes open in fear "A whip Master?" she asks. "Yes Pet, a crop. Depending on how hard it's used, it can sting and leave nice little red marks, or it can bruise and burn horribly. Remember that before disobeying me". He walks out of her sight and Pet shivers with fear, but also a throbbing in her pussy causes her juices to leak from her.

  5. Submitted privately by a Reader (Part 3 contintued)

    Chapter 3 continued...

    Pet flinches when Master suddenly strokes his hand on her ass- feeling its softness and shape. Then, a sharp biting sting on her ass catches her by surprise . "AHHH- Oh God" she screams, jerking in her bonds. Smack, Smack- 2 more in quick order. Tears roll down her cheeks, 3 patches of stinging fire on her ass, causing her to tug fiercely at her cuffs. "Please Master stop, it hurts" She pleads. "Poor Pet, those were just easy strokes. 2 more now, a little firmer". Smack, Smack, like fire burning her skin the crop strikes her ass, leaving rectangular red marks. "Ahhhh....." Pet yells, pain radiating from her ass. Then a low moan as she feels the pain settle in her core, transform and shoot sparks in her pussy. Her clit throbs, her pussy pulses wetness running down her thighs. "So, I see you are beginning to know, to understand what you crave Pet" Master says as he strokes her ass with his hand. "You can't help it, can't stop it, can only feel it, letting it carry you where it chooses" he reaches to her soaking pussy- sinks a finger deep in her, his thumb rubbing her clit. Pet screams, intense pleasure rippling over her body as an orgasm envelops her entire body- stronger than she has ever felt- harder and longer. She shakes in her bonds unable to move away as his hands work at her pussy, massaging her g-spot , rubbing her clit. She squirts, cum running down her legs. "that's my good Pet" master says. "Surrender to me- you are mine to do with as I please Pet." These words in combination with the intense orgasm rolling through her body, send Pet to a dreamlike state- floating in bliss, her surroundings fading away.

  6. I'll be in my bunk.... or a snowbank

  7. Nighttime exploring Kidani. Leaning against the railing of the fence to try to see the animals, I felt Joe's throbbing cock through his pants, & then taking his entire cock in my mouth down to his balls, I sucked his massive cock up and down, all the while swirling my tongue, down to his balls, gripping his ass with one hand as I cradled his balls with the other. I felt another set of hands on my head and back as I glanced up it was our little friend, at first I hesitated not sure what Joe would say, but Joe encouraged this and pushed me towards the other cock, pulling his cock into my mouth and sucking him as Joe stroked his cock, I suck like a crazy person craving for more cock, then Joe went behind me, sliding his fat cock into my swollen pussy slamming fucking me as I sucked on the other cock, I couldn't believe this was happening. I sucked and was getting fucked so hard I was in ecstasy. Squirting all over and having my tight cunt fucked, yes I whined, my mouth so full of cock I could barley whine between strokes, then I felt was lead to the little corner behind the umbrella stand, Joe motioned for Jax to lay down and I climbed on top of him, pushing my huge tits together as he sucked my taught pink nipples, I straddled his cock, his cock was smooth and thick, all the way down to his balls, Joe grabbed my ass from behind, pushing me down firmly, then as I squirted again on this strangers cock, I squealed and then I felt Joes thick cock shove deep into my ass as the other cock fucked my dripping cunt, fucking me, feeling stretched to the limit I could barley move on my own, It felt so fucking good, constantly being fucked in both holes, Jax teeth biting my hard nipples, his hand on the small of my back, my hips moving in rhythm to both men, FUCK me I begged, both men plunging deeper, I felt so stretched to my limits. As the sweat off of Joe dripped down from his chest onto my back and down to my ass I shivered. I could feel Jax about to cum as he fucked me, I tried to sit straight up but could not because of Joe's enormous cock fucking my asshole, Mostly all I could do is take it, but take it I did, every inch of each cock, Jax started cuming and held me tight as my tits pressed firmly to his chest, I was so raw and slippery wet, as his cum gushed out of his cock my pussy muscles squeezed hard as if to drain every bit his jiz, Joe slaming his cock deep into my ass as he gripped my hips hard, I could tell he was about to cum and I bucked up against his cock even more, Jax started to suck my neck as Joe started cumming, I felt his sticky, thick cum fill my asshole until it flowed out as he pulled his cock out and smacked my ass with it, all of us fulfilled, we got up, and kissed goodnight, ready for another trist tmr perhaps?

  8. Food & Wine Monorail Part One

    This is the first year that my girlfriends won’t be joining me on our annual Food & Wine weekend but fuck them, I am going to enjoy my room at the Poly and go by myself! Usually we do not go the first night we arrive in town but I want to go and have some fun. I put on a nice white top and skirt but of course as I step out, the dark clouds are rolling in. First stop when I get to Epcot will, of course, be La Cava for my fave blood orange margarita. The bar is pretty busy considering all the other great drinks out there for the fest. While waiting for my drink, I notice this pretty hot guy at the other end the bar. We exchange smiles before the bartender brings me my drink, along with a shot from the gentleman..he points down the bar to no one. He disappeared. :shrug: Whatevs. I down the shot and walk off with my margarita.
    Next up is Germany. After ordering my beer, I notice him again in line. He doesn’t see me, or at least I don’t think he does. Nice body I think to myself. Not ripped but a good structure. Looks like a nice butt in them jeans. OMG Stop I think and laugh to myself. I finish my beer and he still stands in line, I walk by him and make a quick eye contact. On to Italy for some wine then America for some seasonal Sam Adams. Two stops in a row and no sign of my friend. Oh well the eye candy was fun while it lasted. My last planned stop for the day was in France to get my Grey Goose slushie. Just as I sit down, I see my friend again. Staring at him now was getting me hotter and hotter, my panties starting to get a little moist. Again, he does not look at me before getting his drink and walking off. Very quickly after he left, a Cast Member came up to me, “Ma’am? You forgot one of your drinks” “But I only ordered…” that’s when it hit me that he had bought me another drink. I smiled before enjoying my drinks. Though it was dark clouds out, it was warm and the drinks were starting to hit me so I walked over to a bench and put my head back for a few minutes to relax.
    I wake up to rain hitting my face, FUCK I nearly scream out when I wake up. It’s pouring and near dark. Any buzz quickly wore off as I try to make my way to the front of the park to catch the monorail as soon as possible. Sure I could have stepped into any of the stores but I want to get back to the hotel. I am a drenched cat by time I make my way up to the monorail station. My clothes drenched through, my shirt just as see through as you can get. The park is nearly empty by now and I am alone as I enter my monorail car. I sit with my hair down, water dripping to the floor as the doors close.

  9. Food & Wine Monorail Part Two

    Suddenly I hear a voice, “This rain is horrible isn’t it”. I look up and it’s him! My eyes wide as I subconsciously stand up. My nipples like rocks against my shirt because of the rain and the cold monorail car. He stands inches in front of me. “You never did thank me for those free drinks”, he said with a sarcastic smile. I looked deep into his eyes before moving in for a deep kiss. My hands reached behind him quickly with one hand on his soaked hair as our lips and tongues twirled. We feel the monorail take off as he pushes me against the handrail and his hands reach behind me and up my skirt to feel my cold ass. Goosebumps shot throughout me from his sudden touch. I moan in delight as we suck on each other’s tongues. As he pushes against me, I feel his bulge rising up through his jeans. My hand goes down to rub it as he breaks free from my mouth and moves to my neck. Sucking, nibbling along my shirt line before he unbuttons my shirt and lets my braless breasts free. He wastes no time kissing, sliding his hot lips down to my nipples to kiss, suck and nibble. My pussy was on fire letting this stranger have his way with me. He suddenly steps away a bit and I sit down on the bench. I reach for his belt buckle to pull him in closer to me. I am fumbling around with his zipper; I can’t get it down fast enough so finally I just tug his jeans and boxers down to reveal an amazing member. His long vein ridden cock throbbed in front of me. I grabbed the base of it before devouring it in my mouth. My hand moved slightly up and down but I let my hungry mouth do the work. His moans just made it so fucking good. I looked up into his eyes as I nearly bottomed out. He was in pure heaven. The monorail stopped as the bells dinged “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are currently holding for traffic clearance”. Those words couldn’t have been more heavenly as now. I released my mouth grip on his cock. “I want you to fuck me HARD.” I snarled at him before standing up and putting one foot on the bench and sticking my ass out in front of him. He positioned himself behind me, flipped up my skirt and rubbed my clit before sliding his monster in me. There was no teasing with this guy as he grabbed my hips and started thrusting deep in me. I grabbed the back of the seat for support as I felt him plunge deeper. His veins rubbing the inside of my pussy, making her contract. He pulled me up by my hair and pushed me against the window. My breasts squished up against the window as I looked down onto World Drive and the Magic Kingdom toll plaza. This was beyond any dream or fantasy. I felt like a slutty Belle, letting Gaston finally have his way with me. The monorail nudged forward again towards the TTC. “Hurry baby. Fuck me. I want to cum” I demand as I start shoving my ass back towards him. He grabs my throat and I go into hyper drive screaming out about my orgasm. My pussy walls grip his cock and he announces his pending eruption. With one final thrust, my legs nearly collapse as I feel him pump load after hot load into me. I fall into a heap on the floor just as we slowly enter the station. I hurriedly get dressed as the doors open. I turn around…and he is gone. Disappeared into the night. I am shocked but so pleasantly happy as I step out and proceed to the resort monorail. The doors close in front of me, forcing me to wait. I feel our juices flowing down my legs giving me a hot reminder. Just as the final car passes by, I see him, giving me the same smile he gave me at La Cava. I still haven’t said thank you for those drinks.

  10. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 1
    We have decided to play a little game. A game that he will ask me questions. When I get it right I get rewarded. When I get them wrong however........
    It starts with me being stripped down and bound backwards in a chair with my hands in front of me. My entire backside is exposed to him.
    On the table we have a wide assortment of "toys." Some of them are for pleasure, others for punishment. He approaches me from behind and lightly runs his fingers up my back. He gently brush’s my hair to one side and ask me, "Are you ready to play baby?"
    "Yes." I say simply.
    "I see," He says as he walks over to the table, "Rule #1 you will address me as sir, during this game, failure to do so will result in punishment. Do you understand?"
    "Whatever" I answer, already testing him.
    "Rule #2 Do not ever answer me with "Whatever" he says as he slaps my ass with his strong hands, "That was for breaking rule #1."
    "What the fuck ever", I say again, unimpressed, looking very bored.
    With a loud smack, he slaps my ass again, "That is for not addressing me properly." Then again another slap finds its mark. This one was clearly harder. "That is for saying "whatever" to me." Then he whispers (hot breath tickle my neck) in my ear, "This is going to be a really long night for you if you don't start showing me the proper respect. We haven't even begun the game yet. Now perhaps if my hand is not enough punishment for you, I can find something on that table over there that can get you to listen."
    Those words make my heart race and my pussy quiver. I decide to play along for now and answer "I am sorry sir." although I don't sound very convincing.
    "We are going to establish who is in charge here." He explains, "By the time we are done you will call me sir......and you will MEAN it."

  11. Again his words arouse me and I hope that he can make good on them though.
    "Let's begin then." He says. "First question, how old am I?'
    That's easy I think, and answer "32.....Sir."
    "Correct." He says as he comes really close to me and whispers in my ear, "So now you get to be rewarded." He began to slowly rub my pussy. It isn't the kind of motions that will make me cum, it is soft, slow, and feels very good. "You like that don't you?"
    I softly answer, "Yes sir......thank you sir."
    "Ok now for the next question, "he says as he continues to reward me, "When is my birthday?"
    Oh no, I think. I am pretty sure we discussed it once, but I can't concentrate, can't remember when. I say sadly, "I am sorry, sir, I don't know."
    He pulled my hand away and says "Aw that is too bad”, as he reaches for the cat of nine tales and says, "You know what happens when you don't answer correctly." He flicks the whip on my ass. "Ok that was a bit more difficult,' you continue, "Here is an easy one. What color are my eyes."
    "Brown, baby" I say instinctively.
    "Yes they are brown," he says as he begins to finger my pussy. "So you will get this for getting the question right." he says slowly. Then he removes his fingers and says, "And you will get THIS," He whips my ass again, "for not addressing me properly."
    "Fuck," I yell out. "Sorry...I mean sir."
    "Ok so I am going to ask you something else now." He says as he brings out a deck of cards. As he opens it and pulls out a queen of hearts, he ask me, "What is this card."
    I answer, "It is the queen of hearts sir."
    He then says, "What if I told you that this was actually the Ace of Spades?"
    Looking at the card again confused, I say, "But it's not the ace of spades, it’s the queen of hearts."
    "I see I need to be clearer," he says as he sets the card down in front of me. "You are telling me that card is the ace of spades. Now tell me what do you see."
    It’s clear now what you are doing, and I know what I have to do. I answer, "It is the queen of hearts."
    "I am sorry that is not right." He says as he gets behind me. "Let me help you see it better”, he swipes the whip across my ass again, "That is for getting it wrong." Then like before another strike finds its mark. "That is for not addressing me properly. That is the ace of spades, and you ask me again, what do you see?"
    Now I'm feeling really defiant and pissed, I say "I see a pussy who can't control his girl."

  12. Trying not to laugh he takes a deep breath, and whispers in my ear, "You will come to regret that. I assure you I am going to thoroughly enjoy breaking you." He walks over and pick up the ridding crop. He then swats my now pink ass with it.
    I let out a small "Ouch" as it did have bit of sting, but I say nothing else. Then he walks over to the other side and swats the other cheek and I flinch a bit but not much else. He says, "I see we have a tough one here. Doesn't matter, you will be begging me to stop soon enough." He goes over and gets the tawse.
    He comes back over to me and says, "Let’s see how effective this is." He smacks my ass with the tawse and I squirm and let out a whine. "I think we might be on to something here, what do you think baby?" He whacks me again with it even harder. This one takes my breath away. But I don't say anything. "That was for disrespecting me. Now I am going to ask you again. What card do you see?"
    This time instead of saying the queen of hearts or even the ace of spades, I say, "The two of diamonds."
    "Are you fuckin...." He stops and takes a deep breath. "Very funny, I see what you are doing?" He then pulls my hair back firmly. "Baby all you have to do is tell me what card you see right there. Then you can receive something more fun. But if this is the way you want it to go then I can do this all night. “You let my hair go and lash me again with the tawse.
    I let out a small "Fuck"'. I really feel it now.
    "Did you say something?" He asks. "Perhaps you are ready to give me the correct answer."
    I say nothing out of defiance. I am breathing hard and my ass is sore, but I will not break. "Very well." he says. "This is just beginning baby you can tell we have a ways to go. But fear not; because you are willing to do a whole lot more to help teach me this valuable lesson."

    To be continued....

  13. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 2

    As I sit there bound on this chair I wonder how much longer I can last. While I know he has been holding back I can tell that he is losing patience and I have noticed that he finds himself more comfortable with delivering punishment. He has used his hands, whip, and a tawse. I wonder what else he has in mind.

    "I am going to ask you again." He says calmly. "What card do you see?"

    "The four of clubs." I say with a little smile.

    He nods his head and walks over and grabs a belt. I see this and my heart starts to race. He says to me as he doubles over the belt so that it is looped, "You are wrong again, my dear. I suppose it's to be expected though. I knew you had a lot of spirit. It may take longer to break you but the reward will be oh so much better." He strikes me with the belt, and even though it is very loud, the pain is not as bad as it sounded. I flinch as he administers three more.

    I still say nothing. He then turns me around in the chair and binds my wrists to the arms of the chair. There was a brief struggle but he still gets me where he wants me. Then he pulls my hair back and asks me again. "What card do you see?"

    Glaring at him I say, "Fuck you."

    He then uses his middle finger to flick my nipple hard. This really hurts. I can't help but let out a rather loud "Shit' quickly followed by another, "Fuck you. “He does it again on the same nipple. This time I yell, "Stop!"

    "That's not really the answer or respect I am looking for. Let’s try this..." he says as he then pinch’s my nipple and twist it.

    "Owe!' I yell, "Don't."

    "If you want me to stop, he says, "You know what you have to do." He releases my nipple and asks, "What card do you see?"

    This time I think about it. Then he gets right in my face and says, "Go ahead, get it wrong again. You know what will happen? From this point forward the punishments will get longer and longer. We will start at 5 and add one more for every time I have to ask."

    He walks over to and pick up the riding crop again and says, "You have three seconds to give me your answer. Three.....two.....one...." I say nothing. "Ok, if that is how you want it," he says as he pulls my head back again. "We are at five." Then with the riding crop he flicks his wrist and hit my nipple. I start to squirm and moan loudly. Again and again until he reaches five. By now I’m wincing in pain. I’m glad when he reach’s five.

  14. "That was five baby." He says, "Would you like to try for six."

    I’m now whining and holding back tears. "Please...no more." I whine.

    "Then tell me what card do you see." He ask again. "Three.....two.....one....."
    I hesitantly let the time run out as I sit there with watery eyes.

    "Have it your way." he says as he pulls back my head and again punish me with the riding crop. By the third I’m screaming and by the end tears are streaming down my face.

    "Shhhh...." he says soothingly, kissing my forehead. Then he says, "I think your nipples have had enough punishment. Let me tell you what is going to happen next. I am going to unbind you. Then you are going to get on that bed on your knees and bend over. If you do not do this, I will put you back in this chair and I will continue to punish your nipples even more your choice, you can either do as I ask and have some control over this, or resist me and make things way worse."

    At this point I have had about enough and do not want to make things worse, although I’m not ready to say that the queen of hearts is the ace of spades. I say "I will go to the bed..." I still do not use sir either.

    He unbinds me and leads me to the bed. Not taking any chance that he will change his mind, he does not let go of my hair. He positions me on my knees. He puts my head down with my ass up, and waste no time in letting me have it. He smacks my ass with the riding crop and says, "That is for not saying sir. So help me if you don't stay were you are you will be bound again and severely punished. Now the current punishment is at seven," He pulls my hair back and holds the card in front of me and ask, "What card to you see?"

    "The pussy of hearts." I say, not sure if I really want to take seven swats on my ass from the riding crop.

    "Seven it is then "he says as he holds my head down. I brace myself and he smacks my ass with the first of seven hits. He waits in between each one letting me think about it more and teasing me a bit by lightly rubbing the riding crop over my cheeks before swatting me again. If I don't move or react he makes the next harder. Soon every single strike is leaving a red mark. By the end I’m breathing very hard trying to keep from screaming.

    He pulls my head up again and then softly say to me as he brush’s my hair with his fingers, "Baby.....only you can end this. I am not asking much. I just want you to tell me one thing. If you can do that for me then you can save yourself from more. Surly you want this to end. Come on baby, surrender yourself to me. Let me take care of you."

    The soothing words are tempting. I do want him to hold me, but at the same time I feel challenged by his words. So when he holds up the card and ask, "Tell me baby, what card do you see?" I feel very tempted to say the ace of spades, but instead I simply do not answer. Instead of a smart ass remark though I simply look down. I can feel my defiance slipping away. I want to beg him, I want to surrender, but I just can't quite do it.

    "I understand baby." He says gently. "You will give yourself to me soon enough. You are close....I can feel it. Now you must know, that this isn't something I want to do baby, but you don't leave me much choice." He lowers my head and goes to get the tawse. He then strikes my back and whispers in my ear. "Baby it is just you and me here. There is no shame in crying." He then with a light pressure holds my head down and prepares to punish me again. I take a deep breath and get ready to feel what will be the worst punishment so far.

    (To be continued)

  15. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 3

    After a while of lying there he reaches over and grabs a bottle of aloe gel and places some on his hands. He begins to rub it on my red hot cheeks. I roll over on my stomach so that he can get all of the sore areas. Then once he has soothed my ass he slowly makes his way to my inner thighs. I spread my legs for him and allow him access to my pussy. He slowly begins to rub his hands lightly back and forth over it as I take a deep breath. I arch my hips up a then try to grind down to increase the pressure. I love it but I want it harder.

    "Does that feel good baby?" he ask softly.

    "Yes sweetheart." I say with a sigh, "Please give me more. Please harder."

    "Ah I see. You want it harder?" he ask. "Like this?" He increases the pressure and I let out a quiet moan.

    "Oh yes baby thank you." I say excited.

    "Ok baby I will do it harder," he says as he removes his hand, "But first I need to do a few things." he gets up and puts on the Velcro cuffs on my wrists. He then places my hands above my head. Next he rolls me over on my back and places the leg separator on me again. Then he stops and rubs me bit more just to make me relax again. Then he puts my hands above my head and attaches the cuffs to something. Then he gets off the bed and before I know it he has a rope that was under the mattress. He pulls it out from the foot of the bed and as he pulls it I feel the wrist cuffs pull. He then grabs the bar and ties the other end of the rope to it. I realize that he has me tied down to the mattress with a rope that was under it the whole time.

    I start to struggle and say in an almost panicked voice, "Babe!!... What are you doing."

    "Calm down baby." He says soothingly. "I am not going to hit you with anything."

    He takes a deep breath and calm himself. "However," he says as he shows me the electro wand. "This doesn't really count as hitting you."

    "No don't," I say trying to struggle.

    He grabs my hair and says, "Hold still." He says with a very sinister smile. Then he lifts my head so I can watch as he slowly brings the wand closer and closer to one of my nipples. I clinch my fists and tense up as it finally makes a light shock to my nipple.

    "Owe!!" I yell out, "Fucking Ass hole."

    "I am sorry;" he says as he turns up the level, "did you say you wanted it turned up?"

  16. "No, " I relent. "I am sorry."

    "I have told you before that mouth is going to get you into trouble." he says slowly bringing the wand closer to the other nipple.

    I close my eyes and wait for it but nothing happens. Then after a little while I open my eyes to see why he hasn’t done it yet. At that moment he makes contact with my other nipple giving it a shock.

    "Shit!" I yell as I struggle left and right, sweat pouring off my brow. Then staring at you, I say defiantly, "Doesn't matter I am still not going to break."

    He laughs a little and says, "Oh you think this is about the card still? No baby you are not going to get off that easily. This isn't about breaking you. This is just for my pleasure. So I can watch you squirm. This won’t stop until I feel like it.'

    Realizing that I now have no control I beg, "No....baby. Please." I say with a whine trying to gain some control over the situation.

    "Oh... now you are being polite." He says with a grin. "Just a second ago you were calling me an ass hole. Now it's baby?" Then he lays on top of me and whispers in my ear. "Tell me why I shouldn't do it again right fucking now."

    I think for a moment, and finally say "I want to suck your cock baby." It isn't defiant, but I figure if I can manipulate him with a pleasant offering then I'm still the one in control. "Please let me suck that big cock baby." he knows how my blow jobs are wild, the best ever, not just a mere suck, and a whole experience.

    Unfortunately for me, he knows I'm just trying to use my charm to get out of more punishment; however it is very tempting, I can tell by his hesitance and heavier breathing that he wants to take me up on it. I then lick my lips and say softly, "Please babe, let my suck your cock." Then I open my mouth and lick my lips slowly.
    He sits down the wand and moves up to me. He kneels over top of my face straddling me, your upper chest above my tits. He then places his cock on my tongue and I raise my head to take him into my mouth. He reaches down and supports my neck with one hand as the other is on the head board of the bed so that he can lean over and feed me more of his cock.

  17. This feels so good he thinks to himself. I can see how good it feels from the look on his face. I decide to ask so sweetly, "Baby I can do a better job if I can use my hands."

    "I'll bet you can." he says as he lies down on me and reaches for the bindings. Then looking in my eyes he smiles and say, "But I don't think so baby. Nice try though."

    "HMMFF!" I huff. "Let me go!" I snap at me. Then taking a deep breath I say softer, "Please.....daddy." The idea of being totally bound is both frustrating and arousing.

    "You don't like being out of control do you baby?" you ask me as one of your hands starts to squeeze my tits. I don't say anything. I'm so pissed now and want out. "Don't worry baby," You say to me," as long as you are nice and watch that mouth of yours I am going to do nice things for you." You lean in and kiss my nipples.

    This I can deal with. I close your eyes and enjoy your oral attention to my nipples. You then move your way down and kiss my gorgeous belly and sides. Then as you move down further I start to anticipate your lips reaching my clit. I'm certain your gonna to tease me so I don't get my hopes to high, however when you get there I'm surprised as you don't stop. I feel a sensation as you start to lick and suck my your clit. I wish I were free so that I could push me down harder and pull your head but I'm happy with your performance. You then insert the two fingers and I know from there you can attempt to make you squirt if you really wanted to. My heart begins to race in anticipation.

    You come up to my neck and begin to kiss it and slowly work your fingers so that I'm stimulated but not enough to make me orgasm. You say "Are you ready baby? Do you want to cum for daddy?"

    "Oh yes daddy." I say, not caring if your going to overstimulate me or not. I want it so bad right now I can't stand it. "Please make me fucking cum."

    "Alright baby," he says softly as he continues to slowly move my fingers in and out teasingly slow. "Tell me baby, whose pussy is this?"

    "Yours baby." I say desperately. "It's your pussy." I don't care at this point I want him to take me so bad.

    "Excellent," he says, "Now I have one more question."

    My heart sinks immediately because no sooner then I realize what he is going to ask, h holds the queen of hearts up and say, "Tell my baby, what card am I holding?"

    "No....please" I'm emotionally wound up now. I want it so badly but I just can't let myself give in. Not in that way. "Please baby.....please let me cum."

    Then he say’s seductively, "Tell me the card I am holding, and then I will allow you to cum."

    This makes me laugh just a bit and then with a smile on my face my playful defiance returns and I say to him, "I think it’s the nine of rainbows, you fucking ASSHOLE."

    Smiling back he says, "So we start back at square one. So be it."
    No I yell out, fuck this let me go. I'm done with it. He gets in my face and whispers then if you want this to stop just tell me the answer baby, it’s that simple.

  18. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 4

    I struggle against the restraints. I don't like this very much. He lies next to me leaning on to me and trying to calm me, and says, "Calm down baby, its ok I am right here. I am not going anywhere."

    "Let me go!" I say with anger.

    "Oh now this just won’t do." he says calmly. "You need to calm down and take a deep breath." He once again runs his fingers lightly across my nipples. This does seem to have a soothing effect. "Now if you stay calm good things will happen for you, he explains. However if you continue to have a negative attitude...." he then reaches for the electro wand. "Well let’s just say that not very good things may happen. Do you understand? He asks with a very sinister smile, and although I know he enjoys being dominant he truly cares for me very much.

    The thought of the wand on my nipples again is bad enough that I say, "Yes sir." however it is still with bit of an attitude.

    "I am glad we understand each other here." he says as he places it back down. "So you want to cum now? Did I hear that right?"

    It seems we are back to the teasing I think. I say, "I do want to cum baby, please, but I can't tell him what he wants to hear, not now." I'm almost crying.

    "Ok baby." He says as he toss the card aside. He strokes my hair and kisses my forehead and says, "Forget the card for now." But then with a wicked smile he says, "Don't think that I am not going to have some fun with this though." He pinches and twists my nipple.

    "Owe...” I scream. I almost call him an ass hole, but I stop, breathing hard I'm giving him a glare that says how much I want to get at him. Then I close my eyes and take a deep breath, and ask nicely, "Please baby....I am being a good girl now....see. Can I cum now...”

    "Very good baby," he says, "You ARE being good aren't you? So for that you will be rewarded." He reach’s down and with his hand he rubs his fingers over my little raw swollen pussy again. Then kisses me on the neck and the lips. We kiss slowly and deeply. He then inserts the two fingers best for pleasure and begins that very familiar motion that drives me wild.

    I’m not breathing too heavily to kiss; he then moves my head over and whisper in my ear. "There you go baby. Cum for me.....You like that don't you."

    "Yes...." I barely say between the rapid breaths.

  19. "Good I can feel it building up baby.." he says to me as he places his free hand on my forehead and hold it firmly down as he watch’s my face. He can feel the sweat on me; feel how raw my pussy is getting, how it’s throbbing. I'm so in awe that a man would take as much time on me, care about me, and not give up on ME. "Are you going to cum for me now? Come on baby, let it out...”

    As I’m shaking I let out that deep scream of pleasure as I'm rocked with strong orgasm. I squirt strong and hard and shake and squeal and grunt, he pulls his fingers out and rubs my clit.

    "There you go baby...” He says watching me as I cum, "Good girl."

    "Oh..." I gasp, "Thank..........you... ", I say as I struggle to catch my breath.” Thank...you...baby."

    He kisses my cheek and says, "Your welcome." and then stand up and walk over to the table.

    "Baby!" I yell almost in a panic. "Don't leave me!!"

    "Baby look at me." He says calmly, "I am right here. I am not going anywhere, I'm not like most guys", I'd never leave you. He grabs a Gatorade out of the mini fridge, and walks back over to me. "I am right here" he says again. He reach’s up and unhooks my hands. He helps me sit up and lets me drink. After I drink he sits behind me and I lean back into him. My hands are still bound together and I'm still in the leg spreader bar. He sits there behind me and holds me for a while until my breathing becomes normal, letting me rest a bit, for some reason, he seems to know my body, know me and what I need most as if he paid attention to me all so very close. He took the extra time to care, he knows exactly how much I can take, really take, he knows my fucking limits? What? How, how can this be?

    He then slides back and lays me down again. Then as he holds my hands down he whispers in my ear. "Now baby cum for me again." he inserts my fingers in me again and move them vigorously. I'm still very sensitive, my face is flushed, I’m feeling so hot, almost exhausted.

    I almost immediately let out a scream and begin shaking again. He says to me in a more aggressive tone. "That's right baby, cum for me again... You have another in there. Let it out." Seems you don't want anything LEFT!

    This aggressiveness really gets me going, as he is asserting your dominance over me. Even though I don't like not being in control, I love this as he is really fucking the shit out of me with his fingers, I love getting finger fucked. In only a few moments I'm squirting again.

    "Yeah baby." He says. "That's it baby. Whose pussy is this?"

    Now trembling I manage to say, "Yours....baby."

    He lets my hands go and kisses me. Then looking at me he says "That's right baby. I own that pussy. Now I am going fuck it good."

    Breathing a bit easier now I say with a smile, "Yes baby.

    (To be continued.)

  20. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 5
    He finally releases my hands from the binds and then removes the leg spreader. Finally free, ahhhhh, I sit up and grab him and try to pin him down. He lays back and lets me get on top. I say to him, "You aren't going to fuck me? I am the one who is going to fuck you then".
    "Alright baby." he says, "If you think you got anything left", "are you fucking kidding, you think all that will stop me", or slow me down", fuck that shit"!
    He puts his hands back behind his head. I then lean down onto him and put my tits in his face. He sucks my nipples for a while until I move up and straddle his face. "Eat this pussy!" I command as I pull his head up into my sweet wet raw as fuck pussy slit.
    He does as I say with a smile, and licks my little pussy as I ride his face. This goes on for several minutes. I'm so close to Cumming but decide to move back down and mount his hard cock. As I envelope his hard erection with my tight pussy, He reach’s up and grabs my firm tits. I take his hands and push them back down and I pin him down. He knows I know who is boss, but there are times he lets me get away with this, he thinks it’s cute but doesn’t let me know. I then start to really rock my hips and pop that cock in and out, bumping my ass up as I ride him hard, each thrust taking my breath.
    I bite his neck as I start to feel the wave of orgasms hit me, burying my face in his neck. He whispers in my ear, "There you go baby. Are you going to cum for me again?" He knows how much the sexy whispers drive me wild, that and sucking my neck, kissing me all over my face.
    I sit up and ride out orgasm after orgasm. Minutes go by and I'm exhausted to the point of shaking. As I lay back down onto him, He rolls me over and lifts my firm round ass onto a pillow. Then he grabs my hips and enters me again. You thrust rapidly and hard into me You pound away at my dripping tight pussy, then slow way down, barley moving, then fuck me hard again, OMG this is driving me nuts.
    Now it is him working up a sweat and continues to give it to me as hard as my tits and squeeze me tight. The other hand continues to pull my hips up with each thrust. We are in pure animalistic tantric sweaty sex.
    He can feel that he is not going to last very long, so he stops and pull out. He grabs my leg and flips me over on to my back. He then pulls my hips up and gives my ass a good smack. Then he r-enter me from behind and pull my hair. I thrust my hips back meeting him with each one of my own. My moans of pleasure and the sight of that hot ass backing up against him sets him over the edge. He quickly stands up and I turn around as he cums all over my tits and then jams his cock in my mouth so I get the last drop, using my pony tails as a holder.
    He lies back down very tired and short of breath. I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I return I curl up in his arms as we spoon. He kiss’s the back of my neck, and lightly caress my back. Then he reaches around and lightly plays with my nipples. I take his hand and bring it to my lips and then take one of his fingers into my mouth and lightly suck on it.
    I feel his cock start to throb back to life against me. I wiggle my ass against him and I can tell he

  21. is going to be fully ready to go again soon. He reaches down and grabs his cock and begins to rub it up and down my slippery smooth entrance. I lift my leg up just a bit to make entering me easier.
    He slides into me again. I lift my leg the rest of the way up and he reaches in and rubs my clit as he continue to pump your heavy cock in and out of my pussy. I start to breath heavily again and he can tell that I'm about to cum yet again. He slows up a bit and then begins to very slowly take his cock just barley completely out, and then slowly slides it back all the way in. This does tease me a bit; however his fingers are giving me plenty of slow but firm stimulation on my clitoris.
    After several minutes of this long, slow, and teasing thrusts. He then push his cock all the way in and stops moving. He then lets his fingers and hips do all the work as I move around grinding your cock around inside me. I roll over on to my back and my legs are spread wide open as he continues to lie on his side.
    I'm gasping again and I start to beg "Fuck me.....please.......give it to me...harder...."
    He slowly picks up the pace as I continue to call on him to give it to me harder and harder. Pushes my legs together and back and then with his other hand he reaches underneath my ass and insert a finger in my virgin tight ass. This sends me over the edge as I scream out in pleasure again.
    He continues to give it to me hard with very long thrusts. His fingers deep in my ass, I reach down and grab his wrist. Then I say, "Please put your cock in my ass."
    He pulls his fingers out, and places the head of his cock at my tight ass hole. He pushes his cock head in and I let out a grunt. It is really tight and he has to wait and take his time to work it in. He lets my legs go and spread them again. He then inserts two fingers in my pussy. I'm still quivering from my last orgasm, and this starts to over whelm me.
    After a little while you are able to start thrusting into my tight ass. It feels so good on your rock cock even though he has just came a short while before he can tell that he won't last long if he keeps going. I also am really starting to feel yet another wave of pleasure hit me.
    "Fuck my tight ass baby!" I tell his "Give it to me!.. OH Shit!" I feel another pressure build up as he start to really pound my ass, and finger my pussy very good, your sweat dripping down my back into my crack. I scream out and squeeze his fingers out of my pussy as I squirt again. The extra tension in my ass sets you over the edge as you fill my ass with hot load of jizz.
    We suddenly just stop everything. We just lay there lost in the moment, unable to move or say anything. It is several minutes before one of us moves. We crawl out of the bed and draw up the hot tub with water; light the candles, pour ice-cold drinks, and get ready to have some much needed relaxing.
    Without saying anything we kiss each other and hold each other tight. Then as I climb in to the hot tub he give my ass a nice little smack, and he gets in the tub as well.
    (To be continued.)

  22. Breaking (Jennifer) Dawn
    Part 6.0

    We put on some music, light some candles, and relax in the hot tub. He takes my feet and massages them. I put my head back and close my eyes as you work my way up my ankle and rub my calf muscles. The music is soothing and I'm totally relaxed. He works up to my thighs and for a moment I become restless unsure of where he will go next. As the scent of the candle relaxes me, he moves on to my hips and I drift back in a deep relaxation.

    "Baby...." he begins to say as he now holds my hand and begins to massage my arm. "I want you to relax. I want you to drift away with me, he says. Imagine us now far away in remote desert oasis. It is just you and me. We have all that we need. The warm desert sun that is hot but not too hot. And the pool of water in the middle of our oasis allows us to escape the heat in the day. Now imagine as the sun sets we are there on the warm desert sand. The red sky from the sun set giving a warm red tint to the sands. I am there like I am here massaging you and kissing you." he kisses me lightly. The music and the heat of the hot tub really make this fantasy within a fantasy come to life.

    "Take a deep breath, my love." He says "Slowly let it out”. Now imagine the first stars as they come out in the late evening sky. As the air cools the sand keeps us warm. We make a fire then under night sky we make love." His words have painted a picture in my mind that is so beautiful. The warmth of the hot tub, the music, and the candles have all come together with the sound of his voice to create an almost perfect moment.

    "Baby, tell me more." I ask in a sleepy tone, almost asleep in his arms, my eyes closed.

    "Jen......." he pauses not sure where to go with the story. It's as if reality and the fantasy have become indistinguishable from one another. He begins to tell me how he really feels, "My dearest Jen, words can only go so far in describing the world we live in. At some point words fail to describe something so wonderful, something so incredible, or someone so beautiful.........as you are." I open my eyes and see him deep in thought.

    "Baby..." I say softy as I sit up and lean my head against his "Baby......."

    he kisses my forehead and before I can say anything else he says, "Shhh...... I'm ok. Now lay back and close your eyes. I am not done."

    I lay back again and take a deep breath. He continues the story. "Now near the warmth of the fire we lay. He now is caressing my beautiful soft curves. He wraps his arms around me and I snuggle close." He is now behind me in the tub and my head is resting on his chest. As he runs his fingers through my hair he cradles my head in his other hand keeping it above the water as I drift almost floating in the tub.

    For a few moments he doesn’t say anything.

  23. Then he says, "I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. It is something so deep that it can only be felt. Now...." he says trying to stay on the story. "Near us there is a small table. Can you see it in your mind?"

    "Yes," I say imagining what he is describing.

    "You go over to the table and pick up something and bring it back." He says as he continues to hold my head above the water. "It's a deck of cards, and you pull one out of the deck. Tell me the card you see."

    I smile and think for a bit. I have to admit that he has been persistent. I have an idea though...I answer. "I see the ace of spades."

    "Really?" he ask.

    "Yes," then to clarify I say, "In the STORY I see an ace of spades."

    "I see." He says trying not to sound disappointed. "In the STORY....."

    Now his soft hand that cradled head above the water turns in to a firm grip of my hair. I start to panic and struggle. "Calm down." He says, "Easy. I am not going to hurt you." I still have a panic of going underwater, yet he has not let me go under yet. "Baby listen to me....." he says as he tries to calm me, "I have you and I am not going to let you go under. Relax..."

    My body struggles naturally trying to keep my head up and get balance. Eventually I start to feel secure in that he has my head safely secured. I finally settle down.

    "Good girl," he says as he still keeps a firm grip on my hair. "See baby, you can trust me. So you said in the story you see an ace of spades. Interesting. He lifts my head up but he still has me by the hair. "Let’s get out now and go see what you see outside of the story." He climbed from the tub and pulled me along by the hair. This is a complete 180 from the soft spoken romantic a few moments ago. It's cold out of the tub. He grabs a towel and lets go of me. He says, "Dry yourself off." Then he throws the towel at me, and started to dry himself off with another towel.

    I start to feel uncomfortable and ask, "baby, are you really mad?"

    "Why would I be mad?" he says sounding a little angry. "Just because you won't say what I want to hear? Because you can't tell me what I want you to say?"

    Now I'm sure he is upset but before I can say anything he walks up to me and when I look at him, he can't help but smile. I feel calm again, and he says to me, "I don't care how long it takes baby. I will have you as my own, and you will surrender yourself to me completely. Whether it be tonight, tomorrow, or next year. You will be mine."

    I feel the animal aggression and it arouses me. Then he says, "Now finish drying off, I have something in mind for you."

  24. I dry myself off and you come up behind me as you say, "Don't move." you place a blindfold on me. Then you take my hands and bind them behind my back. My heart starts to race with anticipation. Then you bind my ankles together as well. I now stand there unable to do much of anything. I can't even move away.

    Then I hear his voice as he says, "So it looks like we have some more work to do." He lifts off the blind fold and continues, "but just to make sure we are clear what card am I holding?" He holds up the queen of hearts again.

    I know I'm in for more punishment now. The whole bag of toys is dumped on to the bed. I'm feeling particularity naughty again and answer, "I see the little boy with no fucking balls."

    He closes my eyes and takes a deep breath. It's clear that my defiant answer does not make him happy. (At least on the outside) He walks over to the bed and grabs a pair of nipple clamps. My breath quickly now as I close my eyes as he places one on me. Then after I let out a small moan, he places the other one on my other nipple, my nipples are big and pointy, I do have the pinkest, taught nipples. He then walks over to the bed and sits down. Watching me again, "What card am I holding?" He knows full well my answer will be another smart ass one.

    "Fuck you." is all I say.

    "No baby," he says as he gets up and picks up a vibrator. "I am going to have to say that in this case, it is fuck you. He walks over to me and puts a pillow in front of me then being careful not to hurt me, he pushes my knees forward and lowers me on to my knees. Then grabbing my long thick hair, he bends me over. "So now the question is do I put this in your pussy, or your fucking ass." After thinking a bit he says, "I guess we will put it in here." I feel him slide it into my pussy, and turn in on.

    Holding it in with one hand, he uses the other to pull my hair so my head is back and ask me again, "What card do you see?" The card is on the floor in front of me. I say nothing though, and after waiting a few seconds. He says "Three....two....one...." Then he releases my hair and I feel the sting of his hand as he smacks my ass very hard.

    "Ow!!" I yell. The vibrator is starting to really feel good however. I start to breathe fast again. As he notices me moving my hips back against it he pulls it out. "Awww baby, you’re not fun, I whine.

    He walks over and picks up a leather paddle.

    He walks back over and I close my eyes as he whacks my ass hard with it. It makes a very loud noise, and stings pretty good to. He walks around to the other side and watches me squirm a bit. Then he says "Baby that ass looks like it can use some more punishment, but I can save it if you tell me what you see on the card."

    "What I see," I say, "is the queen of hearts. What YOU see is the ace of spades."

  25. Another hard smack of the paddle on my ass causes me to scream out. He says calmly, "Soon baby you will tell me the correct answer.", not on your fucking life little boy, I say. He walks around to the other side of me, "Otherwise I am afraid that you are going to find it very uncomfortable to sit down for a while." He smacks the other cheek with it.

    He puts the paddle back on the bed and picks up the ridding crop. He walks back over to me and pulls my hair up so I'm on my knees again. The nipple clamps are still on me and he finally removes them. Then he takes the riding crop and lifts my chin and says, "Baby I think it is time to give your ass a little break."

    He drags the riding crop across my nipples. I close my eyes and turn my head. He says to me, "Baby you can make all this pain stop. You’re in control here. I know what you want to hear. Tell me what is on the card. Don't fight this anymore."

    I say nothing I sit there in silence and clinching up waiting for what I know is next. Soon just as I expected I feel my nipple get whipped with the riding crop. "Please baby. Don't........" I cry out. He hesitates for a moment but then whips my other nipple. "Owe.....no...." I start to cry.

    "If you want this to end tell me what is on the fucking damn card!" He yells. Why are you so damn head strong, knowing that I’m a lot like him. This outburst catches me off guard. I look at him and I can tell that his breathing is harder and he has a look of both desperation and frustration. I say nothing and he grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls my head back and again give each nipple another stinging whip. I let out another scream of pain, as I continue to cry.

    Then before I can say anything he lets my hair go and walks over and pick up the card. He comes back and says to me. "I am only going to ask this one more time. Now look closely at this card and tell me what you see." as he holds the card to my face I'm confused. This time the card before me actually IS the ace of spades. "Looking me in the eyes he says, "Please... Jen I don't want to hurt you."

    It is clear that my determined defiance was too much for him at this time. I feel a bit guilty that I let it come to this. I say with tears of my own. "I see the ace of spades sir."

    After he takes a moment to regain his composer he says, " Of course it is baby. Next time I hope that you can see it sooner."

    "Yes sir." I say sadly. After all of it, It was him who broke. But I take comfort that there WILL be a next time however, and I know now that no matter how much he wants to break me, he loves me too much to actually let it go too far, and hurt me for real.

    (The end?)

  26. Dominus Jen
    Waiting impatiently for my man to get home, he finally walks in with his friend:
    I glare at him and say, "Wait a minute. Where did you guys go?" "We went to Deja Vu." He say's trying to down play it, "It was no big deal." It's no big deal?" I ask, you PROMISED to take me, I said He can tell that I'm pissed. "Baby I am sorry it's not like we were trying to pick anyone up." he says nervously, "Nothing happened." "Oh," I ask, "Nothing happened? So did you get a lap dance?" He pauses and says, "Yes, but it was only one, and it's not like I can do anything." Really, What the fuck," I say sternly, "I need to talk to you alone." I stand up and walk toward the stairs to the bedroom. He gets up and follow's me. "Good luck," his friend says, "I am taking off now. You guys have fun." He laughs as he grabs his keys. He is glad that he is leaving because he has a feeling I'm about ready to make some noise. When he gets into the bedroom I have a pair of hand cuffs. I say, "Turn around and put your hands behind your back", "If I don't?" he says. "Then you can have fun sleeping alone tonight". "Aww not fair." he protests. He turns around and put's his hands behind his back. I place the cuffs on him. Then I say, "So you got a lap dance? How much did that cost?" "I don't' know my buddy paid for it." He was hoping that would make it a little better. "I see." I say. "So it was still what? $25 $30 How much?" "$30 I think." he says. "And tip?" I say, "Another $10" he says remorsefully "So a total, of $40?" I say as I walk over and pull the cat of nine tales out of a drawer. "Well that is the amount of lashings I'm going to give you tonight. Do you know why?' "Please Jen. I am sorry." he says. "DO YOU KNOW WHY?!" I demand. Truly not sure what answer to give he says, "Because by going there without me, you broke your promise, as well as disrespected me." "That is a good answer." I say as I turn him around and pull off his pants and boxers. "But no. It's because as long as this pussy belongs to you," I reach around and grab his cock and continue, "this cock belongs to me. Do you understand?" He only hesitates for a second and I say, "The next two words out of your mouth better be, yes ma'am." "Yes ma'am," he says nervously. "Good." I say as I let go of his cock and step back. "Now you need to understand that you don't just let some bitch rub up against your cock without my help." "Yes ma’am." he says again "Especially since you have someone who is willing to do that for free, that can do anything better than any other chick around." I say. "Jen I am sorry, please I get it. I understand." he says. "I know you do baby." I say sympathetically, "But just like you, I need to make sure I teach you a lessen you won't forget." because let’s be honest 95% of the time you’re the Dom one. With that I whip him across his ass. It hurts, and he knows he is really going to be in for it. Are you are really going to whip me 40 times, he ask. "Well that all depends sweetie, I say as I whip his ass.” Please I am sorry." he turn's and faces me.

  27. Dominus Jen pt2
    I walk up to him and grab his hair. I pull him over to the bed and push his head down and say "If you move again I will simply whip you anyway, no matter what side is facing me. Now where were we?" "Four ma'am" He says just wanting now to get this over with. "Oh yes," I say, "now count them out like a good boy." I strike him again with the whip. "Five thank you ma’am." he says. I take my time with the next five whippings, spacing them out. When we reach ten I stop. I pull off my panties and lift up my skirt then sitting on the bed next to where his head is. I say, "You may have your punishment reduced if you do a good job eating my pussy." "Thank you ma'am" he says as I move his face over. With his hands still behind his back he is having a hard time moving to the right spot. I help by grabbing his head and pulling him down hard onto my pussy. "There you go baby." I say. "Eat that pussy." I lay back and continue to pull his head down. I start to grind my hips against his face. Even though he is having hard time breathing he still manages to do good work, as I start to orgasm. After the pleasure passes I stand up and say. "Good work baby. You have reduced your punishment by 10. So you only have $20 left." "Thank you, ma'am." He say's out of breath. "Ok so let’s continue with your punishment." I say. Unhand cuffed, he crawls on to the bed and tries to lay down. His ass is so sore though, it takes a minute to do so. I climb on top of him and he wince a little from the pain on his ass. I lay on him and say, "What's the matter baby, are you still sore?" "Yes ma'am." he says, "Good." I say, pushing his head to the side, "Maybe next time you will think twice before going somewhere like that without me." I then lean in and kiss your neck. "Yes ma'am," He says again, "I am sorry I didn't take you baby". "You better be," I say, "If I ever have to remind you about this again, I will not be so nice. Now then," I sit up and reach behind him grabbing his already hard cock. "So did that other girl do this?" I stroke his cock slowly. "No ma'am" he say's breathing hard. "She never touched my cock". "She better not have." I warn. "If I find out you let some slutty bitch touch your fucking cock," I pause lean over again and whisper in his ear, "I am going to beat your ass so fucking hard your boy will have to rescue you." Those words paint a picture in his head that he does NOT wish to challenge. His heart is racing though with arousal from this side of me. As much as he likes to be the one in control it is nice to see this sexy powerful side of me, but I never forget who is King (the man). It makes it all the more rewarding when I do surrender myself to him. But right now it is me totally in control. I'm putting him in his place and the power has turned me on as well. I move up and put my firm huge tits in his face and pull his head in. "Here you go baby, suck my nipples," I command. He take's my nipples in his mouth and suck on them. He flick's his tongue over them and when they get hard he starts to chew them, taking them between his teeth and lightly bite them. He continues to lean over me for several minutes until I'm ready for something else.

  28. Dominus Jen pt3
    I then move down and position myself right over his cock. Then I say, "Did she grind up on you like this." I then move my hips around allowing the head of his cock inside, popping that ridge just enough to make him shutter. "Oh God." he says before he answer’s with, "No ma'am, she didn't." "That's right she didn't," I say, "You know why?" "Because this is your cock baby," he says." "That's right," I say as I lower myself onto him. The feeling of my tight wet pussy feels so good. I then sit up pushing him all the way in. "This is MY cock." I say again. I look down at him and I can see how much he is enjoying this. I start to rock my hips slowly. I then grab his arms and put his hands on my hips. I increase the speed a little more. It is clear to both of us how much we are enjoying this. This goes on for several minutes. I rub my hands on his chest and lean in again and bite his nipples. I look up at him and can tell from his breathing and the look on his face that he is very close to Cumming. I could go several ways from here, but I'm enjoying being in charge way too much for a change to let it end just yet. I sit up and grab his face and say. "Don't you cum yet!" but I keep moving my hips even faster now. He tries to think of something else, anything to take his mind off of how good it feels. But he knows it is no use he has to say, "Ma'am, please....if you don't stop I am going to cum." I smile and ride him even harder and faster. I just warn him again, "You better not fucking cum!" I’m really fucking him hard and say, "Don't you dare cum "All the orders along with me riding him are too much. He can't hold back as he shoot's a huge load deep inside me. I keep rocking my hips as I say, "Are you fucking kidding me?" "I am sorry," he begs, "I couldn't hold back any longer." I slow down but continue to milk every last drop of cum from his cock. He is shaking now as the stimulation is too much. "Please! Ma'am" he says as he shakes and cringes. "Please stop." "Stop?!" he ask, "I am not done with you yet." I keep going as my cum soaked pussy drips all over. I ride and ride him then after about minute the over stimulation fades and he stop's shaking.

  29. Dominus Jen pt4
    He figures that he is going to have to finish me another way, because as my true Alpha lover, he would never dream of leaving me hanging, but just before I get off of him, I feel a throb of life in his cock again. No way, I think to myself. I look up at him and see a grin on his face. "I told you sometimes I can recover fast." he says. "Now, what else can I do for you ma'am", I haven't seen this before from him. This is almost a mix of personalities. A willing servant to my needs, yet with the look in his eyes like a man who is burning with desire. Like a sex crazed animal under my command. This could be fun I think. "Now you can fuck my pussy." I say as I get on my knees. I then add, "And you better fuck me good and hard." He gets behind me and as he takes hold of my hips and says with an aggressive smile, "Yes ma'am."
    The cum drips down from my pussy from the first round. His cock while not completely hard again is however hard enough to enter me again. He slide's in all the way into my pussy from behind and I bend way down and I lay my head on the bed. With my ass in the air I'm an incredible site to him. He start's to give it to me but it isn't enough for me, I am a VERY sexual women. I say, "You better start fucking me harder like you mean it, or do I have to get a real man to do it." He smack's my ass and grab's my hips and pull's me back as he thrust into me hard. He knows he can't hold back now. He really start's to drive it hard in me. I start to urge him to do more, I say, "That's it baby!! Fuck my pussy!! Oh yea, baby I love this, I love what you do. I start pushing back against every thrust he makes. "Give it to me!!!" I say as we go faster and faster. He is now pounding me hard. Sweat begins to run down his face and starts to drip down onto my back, trickles of sweat run's down my ass crack, driving me crazy, hotter for him. The feeling is so good, but he knows he is a long way from Cumming again. He has to slow down though because he is so out of breath. "Don't you dare fucking stop baby please?" I say to him. He has to pullout but he quickly puts two fingers in my pussy and quickly starts finger fucking me with his fingers. It is the usual motion with the fingers that will make me squirt but from behind. If its one thing I do really good, its squirt, A LOT. I flip over on my back and grab his hand and put his fingers back into my pussy. I then say, "Go baby, make me cum." He puts in his fingers and immediately goes to work again. My pussy is so wet with my cum and my own juices that after a bit of this he takes his hand away and shoves his cock deep into my tight pussy again, my pussy is so unique, it gets tighter the wetter I get. Stretch me baby, stretch that cunt. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me down hard as he gets very far up on to me and deep in to my slippery smooth pussy. He leans down and grabs my hair and buries his face in my neck. I whisper in his ear, "Oh Baby, don't stop baby please...” Not sure what to say he just keeps thrusting into me hard. He kisses my neck and I pull my legs back and he goes even further. I then grab his head and kiss him very passionate, and deeply. I start to breath with short breaths.

  30. Dominus Jen pt5
    He can tell now I am very close to Cumming. Finally he whispers in my ear, "Does this please you baby?" "Oh fuck yea it does." I say with a big sigh. He then starts to cum and shake a bit. He says softy in my ear, "I am glad this pleases you baby." Even as he is saying this softly his thrusts are very slow, hard and deliberate. It’s like he is half animal fucking me and yet caring for me at the same time. I start to grab him tight and let out a screams of pleasure. He now says to me, "Do you want cum now?" Again he continues to give me several hard thrusts as I scream out again. Soon I'm not only having another orgasm I'm squirting hard, making my pussy clench his cock. Still though he slowly pounds my pussy deep and hard. As I continue to cum and shake he then whispers in my ear. "I love the way you feel girl." He then stops as he releases another load deep inside me. Then as we lie there on the bed soaking wet. I reach over and give him a playful slap and say, "And let that be a lesson to you." Then I French kiss his cock, and lay my head on his lap as we drift off to sleep.