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Dark Rides Press Announces the Release of Blu Carson’s Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures

Dark Rides Press, a new imprint of Bamboo Forest Publishing, is proud to announce the release of Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures, by Blu Carson. Cover art by Holly Golightly. Signed print copies are available from the Bamboo Forest Store, and ebook editions and unsigned print copies are available from all major online book retailers.
Dark Rides is an erotic journey of sexual adventures, and a tribute to the world of fantasy created by the Parks and Resorts of Walt Disney World. Blu Carson's lifelong love of Disney led her down a path of naughtiness in The Most Magical Place on Earth, and along with a few special friends, she made all of her dreams come true in her favorite locations around The World. Whether it was the Monorail, The Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Adventurers Club, lust and laughter always flourished. In the spirit of adult relaxation, each Dark Rides adventure includes a themed drink pairing with recipe. Sip on a Monorail Pink or a Kungaloosh, and enjoy your favorite Dark Rides!
“There are a lot of people who buy any Bamboo Forest release sight-unseen, because they know they’re going to get a high-quality PG-13 or R-rated Disney-themed book,” says Leonard Kinsey, owner of Bamboo Forest Publishing. “Dark Rides still meets the high standards of a Bamboo Forest release, and it is a part of the ‘Bambooniverse’ (Blaine McKinnon makes a memorable appearance), but since it’s erotica, it’s definitely NC-17-rated, and as a result might not appeal to the entirety of the Bamboo Forest audience. Which is why I decided to release it under a new, separate imprint: Dark Rides Press.”
 “I’m thrilled to be working with Leonard, and am a huge fan of everything he’s done!” says author Blu Carson. “I’ve moved around a lot and lived all over the East Coast, but the one place that always felt like home was Walt Disney World. Walt Disney’s vision and life's work have been my lifelong obsession, and you’d be more likely to find me inside One Man's Dream than Tower of Terror. Nearly anything related to WDW makes me tingly inside and out, and I spend most of my free time at the Parks and Resorts, laughing and loving as much as possible. Oh, and I just can't resist a happy ending.”
Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures was released on December 14 by Dark Rides Press, and is available in print and digital formats. Signed copies of the print edition are available from the Bamboo Forest store at Blu Carson is available for podcast, blog, and traditional media interviews. Visit for contact information, updates, and for information on other offbeat Disney-related releases.

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