Friday, March 6, 2015

Tipsy Bartender, Keepin' Dark Rides SEXY!!

What goes better with a naughty story from Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures than a delicious cocktail??  There are already Disney drink pairings included with each story in the book, but if you'd like even MORE ADVENTURE, check out Tipsy Bartender's YouTube Channel for an endless list of creative drinks, lovely ladies, and the delightfully delicious Skyy John.

Skyy John, Tipsy Bartender

One of my favorite's from Tipsy is The Little Mermaid Cocktail (Siren Song).  "Darling it's BETTER down where it's WETTER take it from me!"

And no Dark Rides Adventurer is ready for a day at a theme park without their "camera" from Binocktails.

"And THERE you have it!"

Thanks to Skyy John for the awesome pic and his support of Dark Rides. You're a sweet human being. Keep giving the world great drinks, and more importantly, lots of laughs!! xoxoxo

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